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Click on the item below for more info. NOTE that most of these questions pertain to those coming from the US, but Canadian Campers/Workers need to read through the list too.

Camper Age

Registered camper age is 12 – 18 years. Anyone coming over 18 must also register. Also worker’s and counselor’s children must be registered as well.  Junior camper age is 5 – 11 years. 


$180 per camper, counselor, worker. (NOTE: children attending 4 yrs or younger are $135 each – these would be children of Counselors or Workers).
This includes camp insurance and fee, 3 meals per day beginning Monday supper (a total of 10 meals). 

*NOTE: All registrations and deposits must be in before MAY 30TH

All US residents

  • please note these costs are US Funds.
  • When you register, there is a $50 deposit per camper/worker which is non-refundable.
  • The remaining balance of $130 is due upon arrival at youth camp.
  • Please pay in US CASH ONLY if you are waiting to pay the rest when you arrive at camp. (Of course, you can pay the whole $180 by check if paying before May 30th). 
  • The deposit may be made by Check payable to Chosen Ministries and mailed to the following address:

Chosen Ministries, Youth Camp
1404 Southern Hills Ctr. Box 242
West Plains, Missouri 65775

US Payment can also be made via Paypal using  PayPal.Me/chosenministries
or if paying with a Credit Card and you don’t have a Paypal account, you can use the following payment button:

For Single Person Payment through Paypal.
Please note that a 3% charge is added.
For Group Payment, please send
a check to the above Address



All Canadian residents

  • please mail your deposit of $50 each camper (non-refundable) in the form of a Canadian Money Order payable to Bonnie Orser to the following address below.
  • The remaining balance is due upon arrival at youth camp. Please pay in Canadian cash only when arriving at camp. (Note, you can pay the whole amount of $180 by money order if paying prior to May 30th)

Bonnie Orser / Youth Camp
2187 Rutledge Rd.
Sydenham, Ontario  K0H 2T0

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Will I need a Passport?

Yes if you are coming from the USA. You will need either a Passport Book or a Passport Card to travel across the border into Canada. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing. Most US Post Offices will accept applications. Click on US Passports & International Travel website for more information.

What’s the difference between a Passport BOOK and Passport CARD? A Passport Book is good for land and air travel internationally. A Passbook Card is only good for land and sea travel to the following countries:

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • The Caribbean
  • Bermuda

Both Passport Book and Passport Card are good for 10 years, but please note that a Passbook CARD cannot be used for AIR Travel.

COST:  US Passport Costs Website

  • First-time Adult Passport Book $145
  • First-time Adult Passport Card $65
  • First-time Minor Passport Book $115 (16 years and under)
  • First-time Minor Passport Card $50 (16 years and under)

Can I use US money in Canada?

Yes. However, some businesses may not accept it. Some will accept US money and will give you the exchange rate, and some won’t do the exchange rate. There are places you can stop and exchange US money into Canadian money. Most of them charge a small convenience fee. As of 2020, the exchange rate was .77, which means that $100 US is approximately worth $130 in Canadian funds. Click here for updated Exchange Rate.

Can I use my Credit Card or Debit Card?  Yes, pretty much every business accepts either CC or debit card. I also noted that when I used either one, my bank automatically did the exchange rate. For example, I used my American CC to purchase $80 in fuel for our truck and when I got my statement, I was charged about $61 in U.S. Funds.

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What can I expect for Fuel and Food prices while traveling in Canada?

Fuel Prices:  Current Ontario gas prices   2020 gas prediction for regular gas price is $1.26/liter which with the current exchange rate is about $3.82/US gallon.

If we were crossing the border in 2019, we would do this calculation:

Divide $1.26 by 33.8 
Multiply by 128 
Multiply by .77 =$3.82  (.80 is the exchange rate) Click HERE for current exchange rate.

Food prices: restaurant prices are going to be higher in Canada.

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What to Bring

  • Bedding (sheets, blanket, pillow, sleeping bag, etc)
  • Hygiene products, wash cloths, towels (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, etc)
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Clothes, dress and casual. See Dress code below.
  • Jacket: summer temps average 80 F high and 60 F low.
  • Bible, notepad
  • Snacks
  • NOTE: if flying, please refer to this website as to what you can bring on a plane

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What NOT to bring

  • Weapons (firearms, ammo, knives, pepper spray, or any other kind of weapons)
  • Fireworks (prohibited in Ontario)
  • Tobacco of any kind

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 Dress Code

Since we are a conservative youth camp, we do ask that each camper and worker please dress appropriately. We would ask that you dress up for services. If you have any questions, feel free to email us, call us or text us.

The camp has a beautiful, private and secluded beach area and dock where campers will have an opportunity to swim at designated times. Canoeing and Kayaking are available at designated times. These events will have adult supervision and will be segregated. While the boys are swimming, the girls will be at the other side of the camp doing recreation, and vice versa.

 Will my cell phone work in Canada?

Maybe and maybe not. However, you can check with your cell phone carrier prior to coming to see what is available for travel into Canada. Some carriers offer international coverage for an additional fee. Please note that your cell phone may work in Canada, but you may be charged high roaming fees without the added coverage, so be sure to check with your carrier.

Can I use regular plug in A/C devices like hair dryer, curling iron, clothes iron, etc?

Yes, Canada uses regular 11o A/C outlets, just like the States.

Is there an Emergency Number available for my family to reach me?

Yes. (613) 268-2770  This is the Camp main number.
Bro. Dave’s mobile number 417-274-3713
Sis. Anna’s mobile number 417-274-0669
Sis. Courtney’s mobile number 417-274-4120

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Is there WIFI (internet) at the camp?

Yes. It is located in the bottom floor of the gym.

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Is there a Concession stand?

Yes, there will be snacks available at designated times during the day and after each evening service. They will be available for a moderate charge. You will need to have Canadian money.

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Can I fish at the lake on the campground?

Yes, as long as you have purchased either a 1 day or 8 day license. Please refer to this website for regulations and fees. Also note that you must bring your own rod and tackle.

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